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-> mark salling puckergirls by chasinga

mark salling puckergirls by chasinga


You look good, baby. 

Why do you have to be so cute!? >//< ♥

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Tale ‘Actor’

Daryl smiled and cracked a joke with a stranger. A scene which might have seemed natural to everyone else but felt anything but to him. It took him six beers to get over the first signs of social awkwardness. Two more to start feeling comfortable and forget his misery. All while his cigarettes were running one after the other in a vain attempt to chase her of his drunken mind. 

Very rarely did Daryl enjoy the company of others, it seemed only she was the exception to that rule. But as always, Daryl pretended to fit in. And he had been doing a fine job up until the moment his eyes fell on the girl whom he wanted to make swoon and blush and he was once again reminded of his incapability of doing just those things. That was when his smile faltered and his act dropped. It was in that moment he realised he could never pretend with her. He was not that good an actor. 

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i want him.


First thing that went through my mind when I was told about this shoot, was 'Sexy? Man, I'm not sexy, how am I gonna pull that off?' and then they told me oh you’re gonna do it with your cat so I was like good, everyone will be just looking at my cat, so…that’s sort of a bonus. (x)

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